Google and Amazon Cough Up Digital Protection Money to Dodge AdBlock Plus

By Gerald Lynch on at

Customary anti-ad blocker note before we proceed -- using an ad blocker when viewing Gizmodo UK is like stealing food from the mouths of the children I will never have. 

Got that out of the way? Good. Web adverts are rubbish right? Yeah; so we can hardly blame you for succumbing to the allure of ad blocking software. Tech titans Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Taboola are well aware of the wasted ad spend they're coughing up, to only then be foiled by simple browser plug-ins.

As a result, according to the FT, they've reportedly all cut a deal with AdBlock Plus, one of the biggest advert-squashing plug-ins, to ensure their ads will conveniently bypass the filters.

While the fee to German AdBlock Plus owner Eyeo GmbH is undisclosed, with 300 million users its easy to see why the web companies are prepared to pay a fee (even if it does feel a bit like a mafia shakedown). [Financial Times]