Google Glass 2 is Being Shown to Very Important People

By Gerald Lynch on at

Reports of Google Glass's death have, it appears, been greatly exaggerated. While the big G may have called time on the first iteration of its augmented reality headset, round two for the over-eye screens is already kicking off, according to 9to5Google.

It's reporting that Google is showing off prototypes of the second generation headset to select partners. Compared to the first wave of release for Google Glass, this time around Google is being very selective as to who can get their hands on the device, believing the first generation may have been burned by below-par apps released by over-eager amateur developers. With a tighter leash around the specs' software, and jewellery designer Ivy Ross and former Apple executive Tony Fadell keeping an eye on the industrial hardware design, perhaps Glass 2 will succeed where its predecessor struggled. [9to5Google via TechRadar]