Guy Totally Crashes Drone While Teaching Drone Safety on TV

By Michael Hession on at

It doesn't take much to turn a drone from a gliding wonder-thing into a scourge of the sky—anyone's dumb dad can get hold of one and wreak havoc. Such is the lesson viewers of a Fox & Friends segment learned when watching Dave Mosher of Popular Science almost take a cameraman's ear off when trying to teach about drone safety.

Mosher was explaining the pending regulation of drones in the US by the FAA, and why the flying machines are indeed very powerful devices. The takeoff was smooth, but things went south from there. Thankfully, the victim evaded the drone's wrath with some sharp reflexes. But Mosher no doubt left the studio with a red face from having failed to competently pilot the very object of his expertise.

It's OK, Dave. Drones are unwieldy—we know from experience

You can watch the whole thing right here. [via Petapixel]