Harrison Ford Confirmed for Blade Runner 2

By Gerald Lynch on at

Harrison Ford's making a habit out of returning to his most popular roles recently. He's cracked the whip as an ageing Indiana Jones, will get back behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, and is now confirmed to be returning as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2.

Sorry fanboys and silver-screen conspiracists: there goes the unicorn theory.

The Blade Runner sequel will take place several decades after the first film, based on an idea by Ridley Scott. It's being written by screenwriter Michael Green and Hampton Fancher, with Denis Villeneuve in the directors chair. Principal photography starts next summer, which could point to a 2017 release date.

As I've said before, Blade Runner 2 could be a very controversial film. The original has had such a grand mythology built around it by theorising fans that it'll take a lot of work not to undo the mystic surrounding the original. But at least if Ford's character is a necessity, it'll be the original man filling that brown trench coat. He's certainly enamoured with the script.

Ford's not the only ageing action hero returning to a fan-favourite role. Arnold Schwarzenegger is dusting off his leathers and popping on his shades for another outing as the T-800 in Terminator Genisys, while Sylvester Stallone is spilling more blood as Rambo in the final entry into the series. We're less slightly less excited about those.