Here are All the Ingredients You'd Need to Make the World's Favourite Boozy Drinks

By Gerald Lynch on at

The weekend's nearly here and, if you happen to be single and invest in the money-grabbing scam that is Valentine's Day, you may be looking to drown your sorrows. Instead of heading down to a bar, club or pub and wiping away the tears expelled staring at all the young, beautiful couples, why not learn how to make your own booze?

This handy chart from Winebags won't make you a master distiller or brewer overnight, but it will give you an at-a-glance look at all the ingredients you'd need to get going on your anti-social DIY piss-up. Covering 49 alcohol types from absinthe through to wine via kilju and mezcal, The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes is a whistlestop tour through the world's favourite tipples. [Winebags]