Here's How to Play NES Classic 'Mike Tyson's Punch-Out' With a Kinect Sensor

By Gerald Lynch on at

Developer Paul Decarlo has already posted ideas on how to send controller commands to a NES console using a Kinect V2 motion sensor. Now he's gone one better, posting coding instructions for those that may want to play the classic Mike Tyson's Punch-Out using Microsoft's peripheral.

Using the Kinect4NES hack, it's not exactly a straight forward process, and will require you've a Kinect v2 sensor for PC. But with gestures for each body blow or uppercut, it turns the old-school boxing game into a playful workout. It works so well that, in the video below, you can see a first time player TKO opponent Glass Joe with ease. Hit the source for instructions on how to get it working yourself. [PJDecarlo]