Here's the £6,899 Audiophile Ethernet Cable That You'll Never Need

By Gerald Lynch on at

Let's get this straight. If you've somehow got £6,899 burning a hole in your pocket, the very, very last thing you should buy is a £6,899 ethernet cable. But that won't stop AudioQuest from trying to flog you one.

With an "ultra-performance RJ45 connector made from silver" and representing a "lifetime's research", the AudioQuest Diamond's "100% Silver Perfect Surface conductors" are designed to tempt the most cash-flushed of music fans. The insulated cables, if you believe AudioQuest's sell, "reduces energy storage and non-linear time delays to a minimum,” giving you improved audio performance.

It's, to be honest, likely a load of old bollocks. A cheap car, a luxury watch, a few bricks for your house, 6000-odd 5m regular ethernet cables for everyone in your tower block -- anything, basically, would represent better value. [The Register]