How Does Your Morning Routine Compare to Apple CEO Tim Cook's Insane 3.45am Start?

By Gerald Lynch on at

As well as revealing new car-related info on the Apple Watch, today's Telegraph interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook shared another interesting tidbit of information: the man is actually a machine.

Or, at least, his insane sleeping pattern / morning routine would lead you to believe so -- Cook's day starts at 3.45am. Poor, poor guy.

Cook has got into the habit of popping his Apple Watch on first thing in the morning ("I want to make sure I measure all my activity", he told the Telegraph), after charging it overnight, which may sadly confirm that the Apple smartwatch will require juicing every night.

It's then off to the gym at 5am and into the office for 6.30am, doing a day's work before a relatively-early 9.30pm/10pm bedtime. You don't get to the top of the biggest company in the world by being a layabout, that's for sure.

Success and hardcore sleeping patterns seem to go hand in hand however. Nikola Tesla slept only two hours a night, while Leonardo Da Vinci slept for 20 minutes every four hours right across the day. Our very own Margaret Thatcher on the other hand slept for just four hours a night the entire time she was in Downing Street. [Telegraph]