Important Giz User Info: 'Log In' Begone, Time to Do the Disqus

By Gizmodo UK on at

Dear Giz alumni, a quick message to update you on our commenting system, as we realise some of you have been having an issue or two, which we can't be having.

If you are partial to logging in through the 'Log In' button at the top of the site, you may have noticed it's been a bit temperamental of late. Well, this is actually because it's a discontinued method of sign-in that was part of the old site and has slowly but surely teetered towards the technological cliff face.

So today we gave it a little shove. That's to say it will no longer be active, or even viewable on the nav bar to trick you into giving it a go. Commenting, as it has been for a while, is now partaken primarily through Disqus, so this is where everyone should sign in. It also means you can easily scoot over and comment on our sister UK sites, Lifehacker and Kotaku, with suitable ease.

By our reckoning very few people were still using the old way, but apologies for any inconvenience caused to those who particularly liked clicking 'up there' rather than 'down there'.