It's About Time! Lego Doctor Who Sets Confirmed

By Gerald Lynch on at

After a successful campaign over on the Lego Ideas project page (backed by more than 10,000 supporters) Lego has announced that it's to start selling Doctor Who themed play sets, based on the work of fan Andrew Clark.

While the exact design is yet to be finalised (as are release dates and pricing), Clark's original designs showed off a whole host of Doctors, from David Tennant to Tom Baker, and their companions. There's even a fold-out Tardis, ready to break the laws of physics:

Also on the way is a Wall-E themed playset, based on the design submitted by user MacLane:

It's the year's first round of confirmed sets spawned from Lego Ideas projects, with a second set of submissions set for the spring looking equally fun. Anyone for Lego Jurassic Park or Lego Goonies sets? [Lego]