James Bond Wouldn't Be Ashamed to Carry These Elastic-Band Guns

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The human hand serves as a perfectly usable tool for firing elastic bands, but sniping your co-workers is just far more satisfying when you've got a trigger to squeeze. And because everything is better when it's made of wood, these gorgeous toy guns from ElasticPrecision are hands-down the best way to unleash a fury of rubber bands on a target.

Even James Bond Would Carry These Detailed Elastic Band Guns

The hands guns are modelled after James Bond's Walther PPK and a Colt M1911, and fire five or six elastic bands in rapid succession. And at £14 to £40 depending on the finish and types of woods used, they're the cheapest offerings on ElasticPrecision's Etsy page.

Even James Bond Would Carry These Detailed Elastic Band Guns

But if you really want to strike fear into your co-workers eyes, you'll opt for the MP5 model with the retractable stock that's able to fire 24 rubber bands as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. This model ranges in price from £45 - £55depending on the finish, and whether or not you want the optional sliding stock—but of course you do. [Etsy - ElasticPrecision via Uncrate]

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