Jamie Oliver's Website Comes With a Portion of Malware

By Gerald Lynch on at

After a recipe for disaster with your PC as the main ingredient? Head over to TV chef Jamie Oliver's website, which has been found to be dripping with malware and all the trimmings.

Malwarebytes has discovered that the Naked Chef's home on the web has been cooking up an exploit which uses outdated versions of Flash, Java and Silverlight to compromise a visitor's computer.

"The malicious redirection led to the Fiesta Exploit Kit which had recently integrated a critical zero-day (now patched) in Flash Player. However, as many people do not apply updates on a regular basis, this vulnerability is ripe for mass exploitation,” noted Jerome Segura, Malwarebtes senior security researcher.

Spotted ominously on Friday 13th, Malwarebytes states that it's possible that the dodgy code could have been marinating since long before that. Anyone that's visited the site over the past few weeks is encouraged to run a deep-clean virus check on their machines. [Forbes]