Journalists Arrested for Flying Drones in Paris

By Gizmodo on at

By Kaila Hale-Stern

Three Al-Jazeera reporters have been arrested in the wake of the drones of Paris mystery. It's likely the reporters were using the UAVs to film the poorly thought-out segment on the mystery drones, and are not the original perpetrators.

What were the journalists thinking? The "unknown drones" story was big international news, generating hysterical speculation from anchors and "experts" who couldn't stop talking about whether drones could be packed with explosives and flown into the Eiffel Tower. In the midst of such a frenzy, flying a drone in a Parisian park wasn't the smartest move on Al-Jazeera's part.

What is the future of drones and news reporting? The journalists' detention might not have happened in America, for instance, where the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently partnered up with CNN to talk flying unmanned. While the FAA has come out with increasingly stringent regulations on commercial drone usage, personal use in the US is still largely unregulated. Not so in France, where the nighttime flights were considered highly illegal. [AFP]

Image: AP