Kanye West's New Adidas Line is Inspired by...the London Riots?

By Gerald Lynch on at

When he's not being the biggest mouth in pop music, Kanye West moonlights as the biggest mouth in the fashion business, too. Mr Kardashian has a put his name to a new range of Adidas's iconic Originals line. His inspiration? The London riots of 2011.

Speaking to Style, Kanye revealed how he'd been living in the capital at the time of the riots, and noted that relatively inexpensive clothing was the first thing looters went for. According to Kanye

[A] major influence was the London riots because I was living in London at that time and saw the way that the kids wanted the clothes and I didn’t have the skill set to do the more inexpensive clothes. This designer said to me one time, we were looking at something online, “This looks like a really bad couture designer that no one knows.” Think about the idea of a really terrible couture designer, which there are a lot of. I didn’t have the skill set to do inexpensive clothes. Now I have a team of really, really great designers that speak in a very Apple, Pixar-type [way].

There's so much there; Kanye setting himself aside from "bad couture" designers, his Apple/Pixar-like creative assistants, his desire to make inexpensive aspirational clothing specifically for looters. The guy's a class act. [Style]