Kindle Convert Will Turn Your Paperbacks Into Ebooks

By Gerald Lynch on at

The paperback book may never die, but it never hurts having a digital back-up of your physical goods either. If your library is split between Kindle ebooks and shelves full of dusty tomes, Amazon has just revealed software that lets you easily digitise traditional books, turning them into Kindle-compatible eBooks.

Though you'll have to do the page-scanning donkey work manually, the simply titled Kindle Convert will work with practically any modern scanner, provided it can produce .jpeg, .tiff or .pdf target files with 300-600 DPI, and supports 24-bit depth for colour or 8-bit for grayscale or black and white pages.

Currently limited to U.S. customers (with an introductory price of $19 leading to a $49 regular price tag), the outputted files offer the complete set of Kindle ebook features, including Whispersync, furthest page read bookmarks and cloud backups. Text recognition means that the scanned pages aren't merely "flat", but interactive in the same way as Kindle books are too, offering long-press definitions and searchable indexing.

While it's not exactly practical to scan every book you own just for the sake of having a Kindle back-up, those looking to preserve out-of-print texts or share the cost of a pricey academic textbook without having to take it in turns to read may find it useful. [Ebook Reader via TechCrunch]