Lenovo Sold PCs With Adware Installed Straight Off the Production Line

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's one thing loading your machines up with bloatware software that nobody wants or uses, but to have a brand new PC leave its polystyrene wrapping already packed full of factory-installed adware? That's just insulting, as recent buyers of new Lenovo computers found out.

Over on the manufacturer's official forums users are complaining that search results are being littered with sponsored links right out of the box, and that some websites won't even render properly. Facebook engineer Mike Shaver has tracked the issue to the machines' Superfish software, which installs a certificate that lets snoopers spy on even "secure" website visits.

Lenovo has responded by announcing it will be pulling Superfish from future builds until an update is delivered to fix the problem. [Lenovo via Engadget]