Lewisham to Get an Entire Pop-Up Village

By Nick Cowen on at

In an effort to sort out London’s ever mounting housing problem, Lewisham council has taken a page out of the Hipster Bible and commissioned the Big Smoke’s first ever ‘pop-up’ village. Yes, you read that right, London’s getting a new short term build, but instead of it being used to sell dream-catchers or make organic hotdogs, it’s going to be used as housing.

Homesandproperty.co.uk says that Lewisham council has asked renowned architect Lord Richard Rogers to design a temporary building housing 24 two-bedroom houses on the site that used to be the home of the Ladywell Lewisham Leisure Centre. The structure will remain in place for four years and Lord Rogers is hoping the project could become a blueprint to help families desperate for housing whom councils have had to put into B&Bs in the interim.

“This scheme could solve the all-too-common problem that plagues many development sites which sit unused for years while complex regeneration plans are put together," Mayor of Lewisham Sir Steve Bullock said.

"It is a terrible waste having thousands of people on our housing waiting list and paying out for expensive bed and breakfast.”

The so-called Ladywell Pop Up Village is apparently going to bring an ‘uplifting’ building painted in bright colours including yellow, green, pink and orange. It’s set to cost £4.3 million but that one off cost is likely to save the council an annual cost of £3 million that it currently has to shell out for families housed in B&Bs. [Homesandproperty.co.uk]