LG Adapts OS to Cope With Depressing "Selfie Stick" Trend

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG, the company that brought us the disastrous Optimus 3D, has leapt upon another soon-to-die micro-trend for its next range of mobiles -- the selfie stick.

According to LG's announcement, its latest models incorporate software tweaks that take into account the fact that a small, insane segment of society likes taking photos of itself all the time, with the mid-range LG Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy modelsĀ all geared up for front-camera stick-waving fun.

LG says it has "...extended the distance from which the camera can recognize gestures to 1.5 meters to accommodate popular selfie sticks," so you can, if you don't mind people taking mocking photos of you while you're doing it, take a photo of yourself in front of something, using a selfie stick, while making a hand gesture.

You may even capture several people in the background making other types of hand gesture in your direction, too. [LG]