LG's G Flex 2 to Hit UK in March With Free G Watch R in Tow

By Matt Hill on at

We've already had some hands-on time with the G Flex 2, LG's second stab at the not-sure-if-people-actually-want-them-yet curved phone, and our initial thoughts were pretty strong. And now those in the UK who have taken a shine to its 5.5-inch-screened, Snapdragon 810-powered curves have a date when they can have one: March.

March 16th, in fact, if you plump for the standard silver one from Carphone Warehouse, which will be selling them for £530 SIM-free. If you want it on contract, though, the G Flex 2 start from £34.50 a month initially (that's on Vodafone), while various other tariffs on O2 and EE can take it up to £58.50 if you've gone a bit funny. Yearning for the red one up top? Not till April, my friend.

"We weren't looking for big numbers with the first G Flex and we didn't get them," Andrew Coughlin, head of mobile for LG UK and Ireland, told us. "It wasn't a commercial play, it was first-gen technology. The G Flex 2 definitely is, though."

The cheaper-than-the-G-Flex-2 price certainly reflects this, but despite dropping the word "logical" into conversation at least 15 times, it's still a bit incongruous that the firm's flagship G3 phone can now be had for under £300 and there's so obviously a G4 on the way this autumn. You've got to really like those curves.

But if that curved screen, self-healing exterior and extended battery life aren't enough to tempt you into the Flex gang, there are the inevitable deals to hook you in, from a free Bluetooth speaker to Gerald's favourite, the G Watch R, for the first 500 who pre-order through Vodafone.