Lib Dem Candidate Apologises for Baffling Crematorium/Dating Selfie

By Gary Cutlack on at

What sort of man would take a selfie in front of a crematorium furnace and stick it on Tinder? Josh Mason would, a man who's currently the deputy leader of Redcar and Cleveland Council and would like to be considered to run as an MP in the next general election.

The bizarre image was acquired by Political Scrapbook, which claims that a forensic analysis of his past social photos shows this is Mason's "amusing selfie face" that he rolls out in mocking scenarios. It was found on Facebook and, quite oddly, dating app Tinder, and has since been pulled.

He's issued a sort-of apology for the crematorium judgement lapse, saying: "My visit there was a stark reminder of our shared mortality. Indeed, I have already said a last 'goodbye' to a number of family friends and colleagues there. Nevertheless, I deeply regret any offence I may have caused." [Political Scrapbook via BBC]