London Cyclists to See Red as Boris Bikes Set to Change Colour

By Nick Cowen on at

In a move that sounds like it was typed up as a ready-made joke for Have I Got News For You, the bikes associated with the name of one of the country’s most prominent Conservatives are tipped to turn red. And we’re only a couple of months away from a general election.

Boris bikes may change from blue to red as their current sponsorship deal with Barclays is coming to an end. Right now, the frontrunners in the (bike) race to replace the bank – which has been the Boris bike sponsor since the scheme's launch five years ago – are Spanish bank Santander and Coca-Cola (you know who they are, right?).

Santander is the frontrunner to bag the deal for the bikes – estimated to be worth £50 million – and it could sign off on it as early as next week. Coke is still in the running, though, after Jaguar Land Rover dropped out to make it a two-horse race.

Whichever company wins, the new sponsorship deal is likely to result in the Boris bikes being branded red. It’s doubtful anyone will stop calling them the Boris bikes, though – even if they will be sporting Labour’s colours. [Standard]