London Falls to 26th Place Behind Warsaw on European Broadband Speed League Table

By Gerald Lynch on at

When it comes to discussions about broadband speeds in the UK, London is often portrayed as the land of milk and honey, where infrastructure investments are made first at the expense of rural Britain. However, those efforts seem to be for naught, with London continuing to slip down the league tables when it comes to the average broadband speeds of European cities.

According to a 144-page report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills, London (with an average broadband speed of 25.44 Mbps) ranks just 26th against over European cities when it comes to internet connection quality. That puts London behind 25th place Warsaw in Poland (25.97 Mbps) and 24th place Brussels in Belgium (26.72 Mbps). That's only two spots higher on the list than Sarajevo in Bosnia & Herzegovina (13.41 Mbps) and pales in comparison to 1st place Bucharest, Romania, which enjoys average download speeds of 80.14 Mbps.

It means London, the UK's digital hub, has dropped four places on the league tables since 2009. In fact, even by UK standards, London is lagging behind, with the capital only ranked 38th for average broadband speeds among the top 40 British cities.

Bad news for digital businesses then, but great news if you're a cycle courier -- fibre broadband won't do you out of a job racing around London's streets with hard copies of giant projects just yet. [Parliament]

Image Credit: Slow Internet access from Shutterstock