London's Weekend 24-hour Party Trains Expanding to DLR, Overground and More

By Gary Cutlack on at

Much more of London will be serviced by 24-hour trains at the weekends a couple of years from now, with Boris Johnson and George Osborne announcing that the London Overground lines will be the next to go 24-hour at the weekends from 2017.

Weekend party trains will then come to the Metropolitan, Circle, District, and Hammersmith and City lines, with a gradual roll out seeing lines open longer between 2017 and 2021, by which time even the futuristic heaven of the driverless Docklands Light Rail branches ought to running overnight.

The plan also sees TfL committing to expand Wi-Fi to "all below ground sections of the Tube" by the end of the next parliament, which should mean seamless data coverage by 2020. []