MAN May be Playing a CERTAIN PERSON in Star Wars

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rumours claiming to know what character Domnhall Gleeson will be playing in the forthcoming return to the Star Wars universe have appeared, claiming he plays the part of... Luke Skywalker's son.

According to Making Star Wars, the man formerly known as Bill Weasley from Harry Potter is central to a plot that centres around ending the "Intergalactic Cold War" by obliterating the WMDs of good and bad sides -- although this has knock-on consequences that pushes the fight in different, and perhaps more troubling directions.

Just remember that the plot and film are nothing more than empty vessels designed to sell lunchboxes and other assorted merchandise to a new generation of children and £250 Lego sets to their dads to keep boxed in the loft until they die, so exactly what unfolds over its 140-minutes is quite unimportant. [Making Star Wars via Badass Digest]