Megaupload Case Has Just Bagged its First Conviction

By Nick Cowen on at

The US government’s ongoing case against Megaupload for copyright infringement has seen its first conviction. And it’s only taken three years…

Programmer Andrus Nomm, who was arrested last week in Virginia, pleaded guilty to copyright infringement and was sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison. His arrest came after several years of fighting extradition to the USA in the Netherlands.

Nomm is the first Megaupload scalp taken by the US Justice Department and naturally, it was keen to play up the conviction, including the part where Nomm admitted he was aware that copyrighted material was being stored on Megupload’s servers.

“This conviction is a significant step forward in the largest criminal copyright case in U.S. history,” said assistant attorney general Leslie Caldwell.

“The Mega conspirators are charged with massive worldwide online piracy of movies, music and other copyrighted U.S. works. We intend to see to it that all those responsible are held accountable for illegally enriching themselves by stealing the creative work of U.S. artists and creators.”

Megupload owner, Kim Dotcom (pictured), tweeted in support of Nomm saying that he only plead guilty to move on with his life.

“The US Justice system: An innocent coder pleads guilty after 3 years of DOJ abuse, with no end in sight, in order to move on with his life.”

According to the US Justice Department, Kim Dotcom is facing his own extradition trial in June of this year for copyright infringement.|