Microsoft Will Give People 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage for Two Years

By Kate Knibbs on at

Microsoft is offering a somewhat insane cloud storage deal: People can get 100GB of free OneDrive storage for nearly two years if they sign up for a Bing Rewards account.

Annoyingly Bing Rewards is only open to US residents (using a proxy does not work), but getting free storage is as easy as signing up for a freeĀ Bing Rewards account, and then heading over to the Bing Rewards dashboard. The cloud storage deal is there, ready to go. There's no need to make a permanent switch to Bing to take advantage, though that's clearly what Microsoft is hoping people will do.

That's a small price to pay for a shitload of storage. Microsoft has already offered free unlimited OneDrive storage to Office 365 users, and this is an even sweeter version of a deal they put on last year. Yes, Microsoft will have to wait until 2017 to start charging people, but at that point, they'll have locked in a loyal customer base. Considering how cutthroat cloud storage competition is these days, it's not a bad plan.

Let's just hope they have the courtesy to make it available to the rest of the world as well.[CNET]