Motorola's New Moto E Lands With its Own Fold-Out Press Conference

By Gerald Lynch on at

The words "press conference", in the run up to a major show like MWC, strike fear into the hearts of tech journalists. A press conference, for us, usually translates as "mass journo free for all in which to try devices under pressure and take photos and not be trampled and oh-god-what-did-the-CEO-just-say-must-file-NOW". Motorola has taken a different angle on the whole thing though -- it's just revealed its new Moto E by sending it out to us in a "pop-up press conference" box.

It's MWC for Fisher-Price people, which obviously is a lot more fun than the real thing.

Oh, and then there's the phone of course!

Motorola's new 2015 Moto E is its latest entry-level 4G handset. Nicely priced at £109, it's a 4.5-inch device with a qHD display, powered be a 1.2GHz Qualcomm quad-core processor. Running a fairly-clean build of Android Lollipop, it does include Motorola's Moto IFTTT app, letting the phone anticipate the functions you'll need at any given moment based on your location and usual usage. The 5MP rear camera also fires up with a simple gesture -- just twist your wrist back and forth, and you'll jump straight to the camera, even from standby. Storage space jumps from 4GB in last year's model to 8GB here.

Cased in either black or white, it's got a slightly curved plastic back with textured sides for added grip. It's a little chunky and a little heavy, but for the money it feels very nice indeed from a few brief minutes spent playing with it. The only obvious point that annoys at the moment is its very stiff volume and power buttons.

Hitting stores tomorrow (26th February) you'll be able to pick up the 2015 Moto E from, Carphone Warehouse, Tesco Retail, Tesco Mobile, Amazon, Argos and Virgin Mobile. Pop-up press conference playset, however, is sadly unlikely to be included.