Mysterious Drone Flights Over Paris Spark Security Concerns

By Gerald Lynch on at

A series of unexplained drone flights over Parisian landmarks have left French authorities baffled, and sparked security concerns in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

According to Sky News, five drones were spotted flying over Paris in in the early hours of this morning, hovering above the US embassy, Eiffel Tower and Place de la Concorde. Unable to identify the drone's operators, security workers are treating the activity suspiciously.

"It could be a coordinated action but we don't know for now," a Sky News source said.

"We did everything to try and catch the operators but they were not found."

It's just the latest in a string of unusual drone activity noted over France -- a pilotless aircraft was spotted flying over the presidential palace in Paris last month, while nuclear power plants have also been reporting drone activity. This is despite it being illegal to fly within a height of 1,000 metres in a 1.6 mile radius around sensitive sites like the power plants.

The French drone concerns highlight the continuing security issues that drone hobbyists face. Anyone can pick up a reasonably long-range drone in even toy shops, yet the laws around their use are poorly communicated. While drones have the potential to be used for nefarious deeds, the last thing a hobbyist wants is to be faced with an armed response unit just because they wanted to get an aerial shot of the world's most beautiful city. [Sky News]

Image Credit: Paris (modified) from Shutterstock