Oh God, This Horrifying Pavement Sinkhole

By Sarah Zhang on at

If you're a person with irrational fears of urban horror stories, stay far far away from this real life video of two people falling into a sinkhole in Seoul, South Korea. It is a mysterious and apparently growing problem in the city, thanks in part (maybe?) to super tall skyscrapers.

They step off a bus—only to have the ground literally fall away. Luckily, they somehow escape with only minor injuries.

UPI reports that the whole thing, captured by CCTV, happened near a construction site in the Yongsan area of Seoul. Officials are still looking into the exact cause of the 10-foot-deep (3 metre) hole. Last year, there were reports of mysterious sinkholes around the construction site for Lotte World Tower in another part of Seoul. [AP Video via Digg]

Gif by Andrew Liszewski from AP Video.