Oi! Blur Just Uploaded their New Song to Spotify

By Matt Hill on at

So this arvo, elder indie statesmen Blur announced The Magic Whip, their first new album playing nice again in some 12 years. But in an oh-so-digital move, they've trumped that announcement already by pushing the first song from it straight to Spotify to capitalise on all that wonderfully organic social interest.

So we thought a big British brand embracing the tech world was as good a time as ever to launch 'Soundtrack', a feature over on Giz US we've been meaning to take over here for a while, where we post something we're listening to and you slag it off mercilessly.

So first up, Blur's Go Out:

So what do you think? Worth the 12-year wait? Or not even the hour since we knew a new album was coming?

Fuzzy, one-paced, brooding and, at first listen, fairly forgettable, to us it seems perched somewhere between Think Tank and 13 – what in the olden days we'd call an "album track". What say you?

Let's hear your thoughts down below…