"Outdated" Communications Law Makes it Too Easy to Prosecute Tweeters, Say Campaigners

By Gary Cutlack on at

The high-profile case of Paul Chambers and his bomb-joke-Tweet should lead to a reworking of the laws used to (fail to) prosecute him, says a pressure group, which claim our communications laws need updating to reflect the way we use social media today.

The report [PDF] says the current laws are outdated and police are being pushed into unnecessary investigations and prosecutions, and that us lot, who skirt the laws on a daily basis for a laugh, aren't even particularly clear about what's right and wrong.

Big Brother Watch's Careless Whisper report says: "...there needs to be serious reform in this area, to ensure that the laws are brought up to date. Alongside this, it is now vital that the police begin to adopt a standardised approach to recording and combatting social media crime. It is imperative that a clear evidence base is established so that the use of these powers can be properly scrutinised." [Independent]

Image credit: Social media from Shutterstock