Paris to Sue Fox News Over "Muslim No-Go Zone" Blunder

By Nick Cowen on at

It must be wonderful being a Fox News anchor. Picture it; there you are, filled with hate for your fellow humans, surrounded by armies of lawyers and you’re free to spew out a never-ending stream of garbage aimed at making anyone stupid enough to listen feel as afraid, paranoid and anxious as possible. You don’t even require a fact checker half the time.

The other half of the time, you get sued. By Paris. For saying that the City of Love has ‘no go zones’ for Muslim citizens and Sharia law is in effect.

The Guardian is reporting that the Paris city council has voted in favour of bringing a lawsuit against Fox News for incorrectly reporting the above. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hildago, has been quoted as saying “the honour of Paris” is at stake and that she doesn’t “accept insults to our city and its inhabitants”.

Apparently the council vote wasn’t unanimous; one member said it wouldn’t “serve any purpose to pursue a defamation case against a veritable bloopers factory” like Fox News, while another suggested inviting Fox journalists out to Paris to show them the wonders of the city.

Hildago didn’t go for that last option. Pity, because that meant we had to spike our last story about how Paris is rubbish because we’d never been to it.

This isn’t the first time Fox News has implied a city is cracking down on its Muslim population. At one point the news network stated that Birmingham was a city where ‘non-Muslims just don’t go’.

Upon hearing this, David Cameron opined that he “choked on my porridge and I thought it must be April Fools’ Day”.

You see that, Fox News? You made us agree with David Cameron. Damn you, Fox News. Damn you to hell.