Photoshop Challenge: Robert Mugabe Falling Over

By Gerald Lynch on at

Robert Mugabe, the nefarious 90 year old president of Zimbabwe, has fallen over.

Which can lead to only one thing -- guilt-free Photoshop challenge! What should have been a simple day spent addressing supporters upon his return from an African Union meeting in Ethiopia yesterday has now turned into a full blown meme-fest.

And we want you to take part. Give your Photoshopping skills a flex, and see where your imagination can take the snake-hipped Mugabe. Upload your best efforts in the comments section below.

To make it easy to give it a go, here's a rough white background image I made earlier that you can use:

And, if you're not all that confident with your Photoshop skills, feel free to post your best web finds down below instead, providing you give credit where it's due. Now get 'Shopping!