RipCemetery App Wants to Be the World's First Virtual Graveyard

By Matt Hill on at

They've given us cheap cabs, quick pizzas and many, many reasons to not do work, but apps as "grieving outlets" is certainly a new one on us. (Well, outside the occasional over-sharing status-updater on Facebook, of course.)

But nonetheless, RipCemetery staggers somewhat morbidly on to crowd-funding platform Indiegogo today claiming to be the world's first virtual graveyard.

Set to be available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the plain old web this June, providing its $23,000 target is met, it will allow you to build your own iFamilyTomb, customising tombstone textures and memorial flowers, while followers can leave photos, dedications and messages.

Pets can be added as well as humans, of course, although whether they have their own virtual cemetery coded hastily over a separate, long-forgotten virtual Indian burial ground app isn't clear.

Now, joking aside, we can see a grain of a good idea in this. As people who have lost loved ones way too early, we find that the current social networks are not particularly adequate places to congregate in remembrance, if that's something you want to do.

We're just not sure the "Nintendo Wii Super-Fun and Inclusive Lifestyle Photography" image bank was the way to go for the sales pitch:

That last one looks like it's for a dating app, for one. "Tall, GSOH, got a thing for urns." Is hooking up at virtual funerals a new thing? Please say it's not.

The fact that the service is subscription-based, too – $25 of funding gets you "unlimited access"… for six months – also seems potentially exploitative. Although it is all just cloud storage dressed up in funeral attire, we guess – another kind of Dropbox, if you will.