Royal Staff Objecting to London's New Bike Road Dream

By Gary Cutlack on at

Staff at the Royal Parks Agency are apparently holding up development of London's new cycle superhighway, demanding the path be rerouted to avoid a 300m section around the Queen Victoria Memorial.

The problem leads to there being a 300m gap in the segregated bike lane route, with Transport for London reluctant to yield to demands to route the path down The Mall, one of the most bewildered-pedestrian-packed stretches of the capital and surely not a good place to funnel through the city's burgeoning alpha cyclist population.

Andrew Gilligan, London's Cycling Commissioner, said: "We have been working for months with the Royal Parks to resolve the problem of either a gap in the middle of the flagship route or a serious pedestrian-cyclist conflict at Constitution Hill. We very much hope we can still resolve this problem."

Consultation on the segregated cycle route is now open, should you wish to air any worries you have about it passing your favourite bit of pavement. [Standard]