Rumour: Sky's 4K Set-Top Box Will be Ready This Spring

By Gerald Lynch on at

Do you know anyone with a 4K TV? It's quite unlikely -- with little native 4K content out there, and none being broadcast in the UK, there's little point beyond PC gaming to having any screen at a higher resolution than 1080p at the moment. But as the UK TV arms race picks up speed, it's set to become a hotly contested battleground. With Sky and BT duking it out over sporting rights, it now appears Sky is fast-tracking the release of its own 4K set-top box.

Aiming to launch it in the spring, according to The Telegraph, Sky's looking to bolster its defences as BT prepares to offer coverage of the Champions League. Sky's 4K box will sit alongside new premium packages that will make up for the initial dearth of UHD content by providing subscribers with multi-screen viewing options, expanding the reach of its Sky Go mobile deals.

Though Sky had originally planned to launch the box next year according to The Telegraph's sources, rumours that the BT Sport package could have 4K broadcasts delivered over the web within months has forced its hand. Regardless, it still seems it will be some time until Sky will be delivering 4K content of its own to sate the thirst of those future-proofed early adopters. [Telegraph]