Screen-Projecting, 3D-Scanning HP Sprout Computer Hits the UK

By Gerald Lynch on at

HP's Sprout, the computer-scanner-projector hybrid we caught sight of back in the Autumn, is headed to the UK. Sprout goes on sale at select Dixons and John Lewis retail stores nationwide on February 26th. Prices start at £1,899.

Making the surprising jump from HP's "experimental" department to no-way-you-can-actually-buy-this-now? retail product, it ditches a keyboard and mouse altogether. Instead, it favours an overhead DLP projector that works in tandem with a capacitive touch mat sat on your desktop that can double up as a digital keyboard or canvas, paired with a variety of different applications. Effectively, it offers dual-screen output -- one as a conventional 23-inch display, the other as an interactive desktop projection.

Powered by an Intel Core i7 with 1TB of storage, the Sprout is being aimed primarily at creatives, with HP pushing the ability to digitally "import" real-world 3D items placed in front of the computer's base-mounted scanner as an essential workplace tool for designers. [HP Sprout]