Skydivers Nearly Get Cut in Half by Nose-Diving Plane

By Gerald Lynch on at

You're falling from a height of around 14,000 feet, hurtling towards the ground at 120mph. What's the last thing a skydiver probably wants to see? Try the plane they just jumped out of, heading straight for them:

That's a matter of inches away from them, to the point where the pair's parachute gets its drogue and bridle slapped against the wing. Though instructor Forest Pullman is clearly aware of how close a call it was, his freefall partner seems happily oblivious of her near-death experience.

As if skydives weren't already terrifying enough. This one ranks up there with the "Old-Lady-Slips-Out-of-Skydive-Harness" video on the "You'll Never Get Me Up There" scale: