Star Wars Sale Has Made George Lucas the Richest Man in Hollywood

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hollywood, AKA money land. To exist in Hollywood is to be flushed with moolah. To have made it in Hollywood, to have climbed to the top of the narcissistic, back-slapping, coke snorting pile is to be OBSCENELY rich.

And who currently sits on the biggest pile of cash? Why, Mr Star Wars himself, George Lucas.

Since selling Luacsfilm to Disney back in 2012 for $4 billion, his personal net worth now stands at a huge $5.4 billion -- £3.5 billion in our pounds and pennies.

That's significantly more than runner-up Arnon Milchan ($5.2bn) responsible for Pretty Woman and Once Upon a Time in America, and super-director Steven Spielberg, who places third at $3.3bn. By comparison, Avatar/ Aliens/ Titanic director James Cameron is worth just $670 million.

$5.4 billion. BILLION. That's mental. But you can't begrudge the man that made the best thing ever, can you?

The Hollywood rich-list in full is as follows:

1. George Lucas – $5.4bn
2. Arnon Milchan – $5.2bn
3. Steven Spielberg – $3.3bn
4. Austin Hearst – $1.9bn
5. Ryan Kavanaugh – $1bn
6. Jeffrey Katzenberg – $910m
7. Thomas Tull – $870m
8. Jerry Bruckheimer – $850m
9. Steve Tisch – $720m
10. James Cameron – $670m