Take a Look Inside Wallace's Custom Wonder Dog, Gromit

By Jesus Diaz on at

According to Nick Park's answer to this Redditor's question, the manufacturing cost for the original models of Wallace and Gromit is around £13,000 a pop.

It's hard to believe looking at Gromit's guts here, but knowing that every single part—including the plasticine—is custom made, it seems like a reasonable price. Interestingly, again according the the Redditor who once interview Mr. Park, different facial expressions were achieved by popping on completely different heads, with the desired expression.

And to get shorten the arduously long process of animating each and every movement, multiple crews will film different scenes at the same time – otherwise it would take many years to film a feature.

The guts of Gromit, the dog from Wallace and Gromit

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