Take the Focus Off Your Face With Sony's Augmented Reality Glasses

By Gerald Lynch on at

Google Glass has (for the time being at least) died the death, but that doesn't mean the augmented reality specs fad has too. So long as you don't mind popping some butt-ugly frames on your noggin (and paying £520 for the privilege), from March you'll be able to grab Sony's SmartEyeglass SED-E1 Developer Edition.

Sony's specs use "holographic waveguide technology" in 3mm AR lenses to display information directly in your line of sight, as opposed to the little hovering screen that you have to peek upwards towards with Google Glass. Pairing up with Android devices and controlled by a circular module that holds the buttons, speaker, battery, mic and NFC chip, the SmartEyeGlass SED-E1 also features a 3MP CMOS sensor camera, with the headset weighing 77g.

An SDK for the SmartEyeglass is also available, while Google Play will feature Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, RSS and calendar apps built for the headset at launch. Pre-orders start today. [Sony]