10 of the Best Cases for Protecting Your LG G3

By Jack Tomlin on at

Half the fun of owning anything is finding accessories to pimp up your possession. Phones are no different, but the market is awash with crappy cases made for pennies and sold for not much more.

So we sifted through the reams of mediocrity, to bring you this collection of LG G3 cases that will see your phone through the hard-knock life that it can so often live.

LG Original Quick Circle Case 

Don't let the simple design on the Quick Circle case fool you, it's a clever accessory: the rigid back provides ample protection from bumps and scrapes; the circular opening can be customised so that up to eight apps can be controlled within while the case is shut, like checking messages and making calls. [Buy the Quick Circle case for £17.76]

Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO 

For something quite obviously protective, there's this industrial-looking Supcase badboy. A dual-layer combination of polycarbonate hard shell and flexible edging means your LG G3 will withstand drops – anything short of using it like a basketball and you should be alright. It comes with a screen protector as part of the kit. Six colour combos available. [Buy the Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO for £14.95]

Celicious Notecase U2 Leather Wallet Stand

Considering this G3 case is made from real leather, the sub-ten-quid price tag is impressive. It might be down to the edging being cut away to its barest necessity to keep the phone clipped in, which is good for those who like to feel a bit of their phone under the holding but will leave the phone's edges prone to some nicks or scratches. [Buy the Celicious Notecase for £7.99]

LG Slim Hard Case

Quality is almost always assured when buying an official accessory, and the LG Slim Hard case fits that bill, with its sleek, simplistic and presumably tactile design. The close-up on the right of the image shows the premium finish, which is, of course real leather. Not a touch of pleather in sight. [Buy the LG Slim Hard Case for £17.66]

ArmourDillo Hybrid

Another one for the over-protective G3 owners among us, the ArmourDillo Hybrid is made from flexible TPU to help slip in the phone, and an strong impact-resistant shell. There are five colours beyond the black one shown to choose from: blue, red, purple, white and red. [Buy the ArmourDillo Hybrid for £12.99]

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Wear your Android-fanboy-heart on your phone's sleeve with this neat case by Cruzerlite. A little bit of colour might have set the backplate off a little more than it already does, but the subtle decoration is not without its little-robot charm. [Buy the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case for £12.99]

Flexishield Dot

If for whatever reason you want your new LG G3 to look much more like the Samsung Galaxy S5, then the close-together dotting on the back of FlexiShield's case is ideal. The Sammy-imposter case comes in black, white and gold (shown above). [Buy the FlexiShield Dot for £9.99]

Spigen Slim Armor Air Cushion 

A combination of smooth, tough polycarbonate outer shell and a flexible inner shell from our old friend TPU are formed together to makes this case by well-respected accessory-maker Spigen, which has also been designed to add as little extra thickness to the phone as possible. Lots of colour options available. [Buy the Spigen Slim Armor for £14.99]

DiCAPac Universal Waterproof Case

Something a little different here, with the DiCAPac waterproof case. It's not exclusively designed for the LG G3, and will fit any phone up to 5.7 inches in size (so don't be put off by the HTC in the image). You can still operate the touchscreen while the phone is in the case, opening up all sorts of possibilities for underwater-escapades. [Buy the DiCAPac case for £17.99]

Trident Cyclops Case

While the Cyclops case throws up all the usual 'flexible', 'durable', and '-proof' buzzwords, it is also made from materials that are biodegradable and compostable, meaning your phone accessory doesn't have to be an accessory to pollution. Seven colour choices on available. [Buy the Trident Cyclops for £24.99]

All prices are correct at time of publish