10 of the Best Protective Cases for the Sony Xperia Z3

By Jack Tomlin on at

Don't you just love that honeymoon period after buying a new phone or device, when it's all shiny and scratch-free? It doesn't have to be a short affair with perfection: the best you can do is buy a case in which to cocoon your phone for the get-go.

So to complement and protect your new Sony Xperia Z3, pick up one of these cases and with it have a side of peace of mind.

Sony Smart Style

To Sony itself for the first case we look at. The Smart Style case has a clever opening at the front that can be customised for different functions while the case is closed, like fancy dedicated widgets that are designed specifically for the opening. Available in four different colours. [Buy the Sony Smart Style cover from £15.00]

Case Mate Tough

Case Mate comes up often in our case round-ups, as its products are consistently well designed and made from quality materials. The Tough case for the Xperia Z3 continues the trend, providing ample protection from bumps and scrapes as it wraps around the phone in the most prone areas to damage. [Buy the Case Mate Tough from £15.95]

Ringke Fusion

If you prefer to let the Z3 shine through then a clear case is a clear winner. Consider Ringke's Fusion case, which has a fully surrounding bumper to make it properly protective, with special 'dust cap' nubbins to keep fluff out of the ports. It comes with a screen protector to keep your display in fine fettle, and can be customised with insertable backplates. [Buy the Ringke Fusion for £9.99]

Cruzerlite Bugdroid

Show your Android-loving for all to see with the Bugdroid case by Cruzerlite. The TPU case is suitably shock-proof, as well as being scratch-resistant, so the case not only protects the phone but also itself. Being slightly raised above the height of the screen means the display is safe when leaving your Z3 laying face down. [Buy the Cruzerlite Bugdroid case for £10.00]

Pdncase Premium Leather

Into the more premium end of the market with Pdncase and this lovely little leather number. It has a magnetic clasp to keep the phone shut away safely, and opens up to reveal space for a few bankcards or similar. Also available in black, brown and white. [Buy the Pdncase Premium Leather for £16.89]

Encase Six-in-One Silicone Pack

A quick skip to the fun side of things here with this six-pack of silicone wrap-around cases for the Z3. They won't provide an impenetrable layer of protection, but that's countered with the fun ability to change your phone case to suit your mood. [Buy the Encase Six-in-One Silicon Pack for £9.99]

Lovemei Aluminium Shockproof Case

Lovemei offers up a slice of durability and protection with this aluminium-reinforced case, which has a fully surrounding bumper and raised bezel-edge to keep your Z3 safe even if you happen to drop it or leave it laying face down. Throwing it around like a frisbee and chucking it on the floor might be a step too far, but anything less intentionally destructive and you should be fine. [Buy the Lovemei Aluminium Shockproof case for £20.90]

Zenus Z-View Dolomites

This case by Zenus is a simplistic, lightweight design, which like many others can be used as a stand to prop up the Z3 for watching videos in landscape mode. A special app can be downloaded to interact with the circular opening, making media-viewing and messages more easy. Also comes in blue, red and purple. [Buy the Zenus Z-Type Dolomites for £19.99]

Encase Armadillo

This Armadillo case has cropped up a few times in our various case round-ups for different devices. Its chunky, protective design and neat little kickstand make a good all round option for keeping your Z3 safe from the ever-present harm of day-to-day life. Also available in black, red, orange and green. [Buy the Encase Armadillo for £20.90]

Captain America Case

One for the Marvel fans among us, strap Captain America's shield to back of your Xperia Z3 and channel some of that superhero power for yourself. It's shame that the Cap's awesome strength and speed powers aren't automatically transferred by using it, but it looks cool and that's all that matters. [Buy the Captain America case for £6.90]