Give Microsoft's New Experimental Apps a Go

By Darren Orf on at

Android wants to get all up in your business and Wordpress is going Tweet mad. Welcome to Bitstream, all the best news tidbits and rumours you missed in the last 24 hours.

Microsoft just made a bunch of experimental apps available for consumers to try. They were cooking in the company's hacker/maker incubator called "Garage", and now are downloadable for Android, Windows phone and iOS (though mostly Android and Windows). Check. It. Out. You never know what weirdly wonderful things you can find in a garage. [Microsoft]

Android is getting all mixed up in your work, offering business level security so you can finally ditch that BlackBerry. [Google]

This is a neat little neat thing, a door lock that opens your front door with your own custom knock, reviving those old childhood days of secret knocks and pillow forts. [ Kickstarter]

Apps and Gadgets

Spotify's desktop client will turn you into a karaoke star—now offering real-time lyrics with Musixmatch. [VentureBeat]

Wordpress has a bazillion Tweet-related plugins, but finally Twitter goes legit with its own official one. [TechCrunch]


The LG Watch Urbane sounds like the Swiss Army knife of smartwatches, including 4G LTE and NFC (among other things). [Android Community]

Small fry smartphone maker Kyocera may launch a crazy smartphone at MWC that can charge via solar power. Cooooool! [Tom's Hardware]

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