The London Underline Would Turn Abandoned Tube Tunnels Into Cycle Paths

By Gerald Lynch on at

"London's cyclists driven underground by road-raging drivers".

It sounds like some sort of sort of hyper-local dystopian vision of the future, but design firm Gensler believes a genuine solution to London's ever-increasing road congestion could be found by sending cyclists subterranean.

The design firm's London Underline concept proposes repurposing disused tube tunnels, turning them into cycle paths below street level. These tunnels could be lined with shops, cafes and click-and-collect points, with potential to have the tunnels sponsored, much like the Emirates Air Line. Gensler also proposes the tunnels be fitted with kinetic paving, generating electricity from footfall and cycle wheels.

It sounds outlandish, but it's already gaining support in some quarters -- it picked up the Best Conceptual Project award at the London Planning awards. Now all Gensler needs to do is figure out how to protect cyclists from mole-man attacks. [Guardian]