The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

We like to talk about superhero movies here at Giz UK, and I've been thinking a lot about DC's interconnected movie universe that's arriving next year. Seeing the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman interacting on the big screen is an exciting prospect, but I can't help but think that the best adaptation of DC comics has already been and gone on TV. Really, nothing is going to trump the DC Animated Universe. Is it?

But onto the topic at hand, let's take a look at the apps that popped up over the past week.

iPhone Apps

Scoopshot: Scoopshot is a global photography community where you can take part in daily photography competitions set by brands across the world. If you win, your photos will be bought for use in their own marketing campaigns. The great thing is, you own the rights to all of the photos until they sell at a price set by you (to an extent). [Free]

Privately App: Privacy on social media isn't the easiest thing to get your head around, so Privately App lets you take control. You decide who gets to see your posts, how long it's up there for, and in case of a mistake you can pull it immediately – all from this one central hub. [Free]

7 Minute Workout: Not everyone has time to do a full gym workout, but with a seven-minute workout you barely have an excuse. It's had a hefty update, and now integrates with Healthkit, accurately calculates how many calories you've burned, lets you control it with just your voice, and has an iOS 8 widget. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Workflow: Workflow is the tool that lets you turn almost any process into an app, and automate the entire process. It's just had it's first update, and now it has over 50 new actions (making the total tally over 200). [£2.49]

QUEST: Motivate yourself by turning your tasks into a game. You have your to-dos in a list, along with your own 8-bit character. Complete a task, and you character will gain experience and level up. There's even a widget to make task management easier than ever. [£1.49]

iPad Apps

Bloglovin': Blogs have their ups and their downs, but they are great places where people can create and publish their own content easily and quickly. If you have a number of blogs that you like to read up on, Bloglovin' helps you collect them all into one place and lets you discover new ones. Doesn't matter whether it's Wordpress-, Blogger-, or Tumblr-based, you can get hold of it here.

MOVIST: Organising yourself can be tricky, especially when it comes to films. MOVIST is a way to help you keep track, letting you curate lists of films based on whether you own them, whether you've seen them, and if you want to see them. It's searchable too, so it's an awful lot easier than making a list in Word or Evernote. [£1.49]

TransferWise Money Transfer: Transferring money abroad can be a huge hassle since the banks just love to throw in as many extra charges as they can. TransferWise promises to make that process as cheap as possible, and it claims to be 90 per cent cheaper than using the bank. So whether you're paying off bills, or sending money to your travelling relative who didn't budget as well as they should, it's something to get into the habit of using. [Free]

ESPN: The sports network's iOS app finally has some iPad support, so now you can keep up-to-date with all the sporty news on your lovely big tablet screen – whether that's real-time scores and commentary, video highlights, or live streams of the games themselves. [Free]

Watch Food Network: If you love food, you probably love watching food too. The Food Network is a great source of foody media, and you can watch it all on your iPad without the need for a TV or a set-top box. Whether you want to watch live, or use catch-up services, it's right there whenever you need it. Just don't end up like Randy Marsh, ok? [Free]

Android Apps

Smart News: There's too much news going on at the moment, making it almost impossible to keep up with everything and decide what's relevant. That's why Smart News will analyse articles from trusted news outlets all over the world and give you all the important highlights in one-minute doses. [Free]

Here Maps: Here Maps is probably the best alternative to Google Maps right now, so you'll be glad to here that it's just got a bunch of new features. That includes background downloading of maps, showing you the cause of traffic accidents, 3D maps of shopping centres and airports across the world, increased volume of turn-by-turn directions, and tapping any location to automatically get directions. [Free]

Next Lock Screen: One of Microsoft's Garage's endeavours that has actually made it to the UK, Next Lock Screen makes it easier to launch the things you need quickly, saving you precious time. This update actually lets you lock your phone with a PIN or pattern, and the home-button unlock has been disabled, thus preventing accidental unlocks. [Free]

Fleksy Keyboard: Most third-party keyboards are better than the one bundled in with Android, and Fleksy is no different. It's just had an update that brings in hotkey functionalities, customisable colour, cloud back-up of your shortcuts, and improvements to the system that help it understand context better. [£1.32]

Yahoo Aviate Launcher: I've covered Aviate's alternate launcher for Android many times before, and if you're an Aviate user you might want to pay attention to this latest update. The new version of the app includes a search bar at the of the home screen, similar to the Google Now search bar on regular Android. No more having to go into the browser to look things up anymore. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

AppLock: Your phone's lockscreen is only one layer of protection, and if you have photos and videos that you'd like to keep further secure from prying eyes (whatever they may be, I'm not judging). AppLock lets you keep them secure behind a passcode or pattern and keeps them out of reach of other people, and easy for you to access. [Free]

MEGA Privacy: MEGA hasn't been available on Windows Phone for very long, but it's already get a hefty supply of updates to make it more useful. Now in addition to being able to store and back-up your files to MEGA, you can download any files stored in your account onto your phone to do whatever you need with them. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Realarm: This one is an alarm clock that cycles through various ringtones each day so that you're not listening to the same thing everyday. It's just been updated, and now has a new design, voice commands, and various alarm features in the top bar of your phone. [Free]

Whatsapp Video Optimizer: Sharing videos via Whatsapp certainly is handy, but if your video is over 16MB it will indiscriminately cut it to save space. With Whatsapp Video Optimizer, you can convert the video to a different filetype so that its small enough to send. [Free]

Radio Lounge UK: An app to ensure you get all the best internet radio stations available in the UK, all beamed to your phone. The new version has brought back all of the BBC radio stations, featuring 74 different stations from all over the country. [£0.99]