The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Big news happening this week, since BlackBerry has started rolling out the update that will let BlackBerry users (who didn't buy the BlackBerry Classic) download apps from the Amazon app store.

So, our weekly round-ups are now suddenly relevant to an extra couple of million people. Welcome BlackBerry users! You actually have some decent support from apps developers now.

iPhone Apps

Royal Bank of Scotland/Natwest: I'm bundling these two together because the update is exactly the same for each, and it's more useful to mention them both. iPhone users will now be able to set up TouchID for both the RBS and Natwest apps, meaning you don't necessarily have to use the passcode security. [Free]

Short: Not everyone has time to read articles that are thousands of words long and take hours to read. Short helps you find reading material that should only take you 5-10 minutes to get through. It'll pull articles through from all your favourite reading-based apps, filter them based on length, and they'll even be available offline. [Free]

Do Camera by IFTTT: From the makers of the ever-useful IFTTT app, Do Camera allows you to create your own personalised camera app that you can control with a single tap. That could be uploading to a very specific Facebook album, or sending scans of documents to be backed-up on Evernote, or most thing in between. [Free]

Vimo: Adding stickers to pictures isn't a new concept, but what about stickers for videos? Vimo is an app for adding motion stickers onto your video that play alongside it like a GIF. So if you want to add some jazz to your videos, this is one to try out. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Tally 2: Mental arithmetic can be a headache, and keeping count of things generally requires tallying it up on paper. But Tally 2 lets you do it simply by tapping on your iPhone's screen. Tap anywhere you like and it'll update the on-screen counter so you know exactly what's what. [Free]

iPad Apps

Astropad: Graphics tablets are fairly expensive, but if you're the owner of an iPad and a Mac, Astropad will turn your iPad into a graphics tablet of its own. Use your favourite desktop graphics programme, draw on your iPad, and watch it appear on your monitor in real time. [Free -- with £34.08 licence]

Microsoft Word: If you're one for using Word, or the rest of Office Suite, on your iPad, then you'll be glad to hear that Microsoft has finally updated the apps with iCloud back-ups. That's great news for those of you who want to keep your files stored safely in the cloud, but would rather not need a OneDrive account to do so. [Free -- with subscription]

SnapSchool: The internet has given people an amazing place to source information, including knowledge that helps them cheat on their homework. SnapSchool isn't quite cheating, rather it's a tool for you to ask the community for help. Take a picture, stick in a description of what you need help with, and wait for responses. There's even a feedback system to help you figure out who isn't a troll. [Free]

AdVenture Capitalist: A venture capitalism simulator for those of you who have always dreamed of owning a global conglomerate with a monopoly over sections of the economy. Gameplay is similar to things like Cookie Clicker, except you're starting off squeezing lemons for a lemonade stand. The more you squeeze, the more you earn, and the more people you can hire to squeeze lemons for you. [Freemium]

deGeo: If you're worried about GPS data being stored in your photos, then you'll want deGeo. It's function is simple, deGeo will strip out all GPS location data that's been embedded in your photos. That's especially useful for any photos that you're going to be uploading online. [Free]

Android Apps

IF by IFTTT: The artist formerly known as IFTTT has had a rebrand, and now it's just called IF. The basic functionality of the app still follows the principle of 'if this then that', but the app is now capable of completing functions with a single tap. A bit like Do Camera mentioned earlier in the iPhone section, but on a much larger, customisable scale. [Free]

Pebble: You lot do love your Pebbles, and in case any of you missed the news here it is again: Pebble smartwatches can now take advantage of Android Wear apps to make your wrist a lot more useful. To do that you need this latest version of the Pebble app. [Free]

Gallery Doctor: Sick of having to sift through your phone's picture album to decide what to delete? Gallery Doctor will do that for you, by deleting any duplicate photos, or photos that it deems 'bad'. That's incredibly handy, and should save you quite a lot of time. But if don't trust it, there is a tool to sort through the photos Gallery Doctor deleted, so you can save them before it's too late. [Free]

No More! Quit Your Addictions: Everyone has their vices, and some of them move forward to full-blown addictions. New app No More! is designed to help you overcome addiction by showing you how far you've come since your last relapse, along with a selection of motivational quotes to keep you going and information for websites and organisations who can give you the help you need. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Pushbullet: Whatever did we do without Pushbullet? I know I spent a lot of time hunting for a USB cable or emailing files from my phone. It's an invaluable asset, and it's just got even better.The Pushbullet team has updated it to let us sync messages from messaging apps to our computers as well. That includes Hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, and Line. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Achievement Art: One for Xbox gamers out there, Achievement Art lets you browse achievements that you've unlocked on your Xbox One and turn them into art for customising your phone. [Free]

Instructables: The website that lets people create and share their projects, along with instructions, is now available on your phone. There are over 100,000 projects to choose from, covering a variety of topics. You're bound to find something you want to make on those boring Sunday afternoons. [Free]

Fitbit: The official Fitbit app just keeps getting better with a huge selection of new features and improvements. It now has Surge Run which lets you view maps of your GPS tracked activity, heart rate integration, improvements to friend finding features, and an overall reduction in the size of the app. What's not to love? [Free]

Unfollow Spy: If you've ever been paranoid about losing followers on Twitter or Instagram, Unfollow Spy is your best friend. The app lets you know when people have unfollowed you, and who they are (presumably so you can scream at them for being bad people). The latest version now merges the notifications from both service into one central hub, so that you don't have to keep flicking through different menus. [Free]