This Bauhaus-Inspired Watch is Smart Because it's So Simple

By Adam Clark Estes on at

When I started university, my family bought me a Mondaine Swiss Railway watch based on actual Swiss Railway clocks. I loved it. How could you beat a classic? Now, a new addition to the MoMA Design Store from Uniform Wares has shown me the way—in the form of a timepiece designed to look like Bauhaus-inspired wall clocks from British factories.

The UK-made Uniform Wares 104 Series watch features Swiss movement inside of a damn handsome case. The minimalist design of the face makes it not only easy-to-read but also incredibly timeless. And the fact that it's lacking the bells and whistles of today's smartwatches? It's kind of refreshing. The $265/£174 (plus shipping) price tag will set you back a little more than a Timex, but then again, you can always brag about how you're wearing a timepiece that's fit for a museum. Because it is. [MoMA Design Store]