This Extra Mattress Rolls Up Into a Chair During the Day

By Gizmodo on at

Transforming a convertible sofa into a bed can sometimes seem more complex than Optimus Prime changing into a truck. For a more compact emergency bed that's easier to move wherever you need it, check out Campeggi's Girella chair, which is as simple to transform as unrolling a sleeping bag.

Designed by Lorenzo Damiani, the chair is nothing more than a strategically-shaped mattress that rolls up into a comfy place to sit, complete with a backrest and arms. Transforming it into a bed and back is incredibly easy, and thanks to large pieces of velcro there's little chance of it accidentally unrolling back to a bed when in chair mode. At just north of $700/£454 it's not really a cheaper alternative, but the next time you have to move you won't regret buying this lighter alternative to a sofabed. [Campeggi via Chip Chick]