This is the Perfect Dating Website for Meeting Men Called Brandon Scott Wolf

By Gerald Lynch on at

Actually, let me rephrase that -- this is the perfect website for meeting A MAN called Brandon Scott Wolf. That's because has just the one eligible bachelor on it. And wouldn't you know, it's the site's creator himself, Brandon Scott Wolf.

Having tried numerous dating websites and having found that they weren't Brandon-Scott-Wolf enough, the 25 year old bartender from New York decided to set up a dating website dedicated to just himself. Anyone sick of trawling through pages and pages of dating profiles will find Wolf's website very refreshing -- his is the only profile for you to peruse.

He's having a fair bit of luck so far too! He's received 45 applications so far, telling Elite Daily, "Half seem real, a quarter seem VERY real."

Should you be interested, Wolf's looking for someone who enjoys "had holding, homemade pasta" and, presumably, narcissistic-albeit-funny web projects. [ via Elite Daily]